Stepping into the world of cinema: Rajisha Vijayan

Rajisha Vijayan is no stranger to camera. She held together one of the most popular Malayalam TV show and turned into a household name. But now she is moving ahead and stepping into the world of cinema. Her lively persona and expressive eyes will now be part of the character named Elizabeth in the movie Anuraga Karikkin Vellam. So how did this movie happen?

The director of the movie Khalid Rahman and his brother Jimshi Khalid, who also happens to be the cinematographer of the film, are my friends. I knew such a movie was being made. One fine day, Rahman called and asked me whether I know someone who is apt for the female lead of the movie. I had no one to suggest. But later, he called up and asked me if I could do it. Well after that, I listened to the storyline, read the script and I was in. It was all quite sudden,” Rajisha explains.

About Elizabeth, Rajisha says, “My character Elizabeth, called ‘Eli’, is an architect, a normal but immature girl. She is the college mate and lover of Asif Ali’s character Abhilash. Unlike how lead actresses play the perfect girl, Elizabeth is an imperfect character. As the movie progresses, she evolves into a mature woman. Madly in love with Abhilash, but basically, she is a crazy romantic person.”

Is Elizabeth like Rajisha? “Oh no, not at all,” she laughs, adding, “Of course, I have tried to bring in my energy into the character.” The shooting experience was very different, she says.  “First of all, it was nothing like shooting for TV. The best part was that everyone there were friends. It was a nice environment to work in. Apart from that, there were many senior actors on the set. Observing them and learning from them was a really great experience. This is my very first acting experience in movie and I am excited and nervous as the release nears,” she laughs. Anuraga Karikkin Vellam is all set for release on July 7. On her future projects, she says, “As of now, I am just in talks but have not decided on anything.”


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