Solution on baldness special onion mix

The baldness is a problem for both males and females. Generally speaking, the bald does not have any medication. This is not only the elderly, but also the younger people. There are a few reasons to start baldness, including the lack of good food, water on the head, stress and herditary. This mainly affects men. This affects women rarely.

There are many synthetic drugs claiming that the bald will help to grow hair. But all this does not work except money. There are other health problems that chemicals produce.

The baldness has some home remedies that help with hair growth. There are some special kitchen mixes. One of them is the onion. There are many factors including potassium, iodine, phosphorus, bio and sulfur. The sulfur and biotin components are essentially supported.

Onion also has a unique element called niacin. It causes hair growth to grow from hair follicles. It also includes a substance called glycoside. This increases the blood circulation and oxygen supply to your hair.

The onion is used in certain methods and not only for hair growth but also for the baldness.

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