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The benefits of hibiscus flower

There are many problems associated with the health. So we have to give priority for natural methods. Usually the hibiscus is used for the hair care. But it is giving good benefits for the health too. It helps for the remedy of blood pressure,sugar and cholesterol. Nowadays many types of health issues are there. The […]

Its good to eat unripe jack fruit

The jack fruit tree is a tree which will grow without any special attention or care for growth. We are not giving more importance and it is giving fruit by vishu season. The varieties of jack fruit are chips,cooked jack fruit and ripened jack fruit and it is a lovely food items for the villagers. […]

The things which is giving benefits same as egg

The egg is helping for maintaining good health. But some are not liking it. So some food items are there which is having more protein than egg. Many people are unaware about it. The egg is rich with nutritious. There is no doubt with that. The people who are not having egg can eat the […]

A great grin with 5 minutes

Everybody likes making it easy for the four ohms. Bread bananas balls is a delicacy that makes it easy for kids to make it easy. Ingredients for making bread balls: Five loaves of bread are lost Bananas : 1 small sliced Butter :2 tablespoon sugar : 2 teaspoon cardamom powder : feet teaspoon A little […]

The health benefits of bitter snake gourd

The bitter snake gourd is used for making dishes and for food. But do you know about bitter snake gourd which is seen in forest? This is good for health as well as for the treatment. There is no doubt about the medicinal value of it. The food is playing major role in maintaining health. […]

How to Open a Bank Account in the USA from India

In a global economy of today’s era, financial transactions aren’t just limited to national territories. There has been quite a high-rise in international transactions adhering to the need for multiple interactions with personalities all over the globe. And therein steps the need for banking account in multiple territories. So we lined up our blog with […]

The benefits of eating chapati with ghee

Instead of rice people are eating chapati nowadays. This is the habit. The cooked rice will increase the fat and sugar. In other states out of Kerala chapati is the main food. They used to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That means wheat is important than the rice. We can prepare chapati in different […]

The different ways of reducing heat inside the house

This time the weather is too hot as compared to previous years. So we have to care how to prevent the heat.We can keep our windows open in the morning and afternoon. We can keep wet cloth in the window and it will reduce the temperature of the wind to room. If we keep small […]

By the intake of ladies finger the freshness will be increased

Ladies finger contain many benefits. It will maintain the health also with that many diseases can be cured. Fibre , vitamin A, vitamin C , vitamin K, vitamin K1, vitamin B6, magnesium, beta carotene like many nutrients are present in the ladies finger. The ladies finger contain fibres in it and this will help to […]

The things which should to pursue to keep from the daylight

If the atmospheric temperature is increasing the temperature control in the body also will destroy. The body systems will affect because of the sun burn. The main symptoms are increased body heat,red spot in body,appearance of blisters,less pulse rate,giddiness and the changes in the mentality. There is a chance of loos of consciousness. The public […]