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Jackfruit eliminates cholesterol and blood pressure

There are many health benefits in jackfruits. We have many health benefits of eating regular this fruit regularly. Jackfruits are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, calcium and iron. There are also many fiber and minerals. This reduces the cholesterol levels, reduces BP and diabetes. Jackfruit is a good remedy for those suffering from […]

Eat mango Control diabetics

Studies reveals that eating mangoes can reduce the diabetics. Eating 10 g mango daily by fatty people can control diabetics level. The mangiferin and bio active kom pounds are the contents which controls diabetics.It also helps from becoming more fattier.Scientist in Oklahoma fiber content present in mangoes reduces the glucose content in the body. Most […]

Consuming fish blindness caused by Diabetes

Latest studies state that consuming fish that contains oil twice in a week prevents blindness caused by Diabetic Retinopathy. This kind of blindness is usually found in both middle aged people and old people who suffers from Type Two Diabetes Mellitus. Usually Chronic diabetic patients are having such blindness. Omega 3 Fatty acids constitute the […]

Do not skip Breakfast

It is always said that breakfast should not be avoided. There are reasons behind that saying. Eating in the morning is good for health. Milk, eggs and pulses are good for health,that should be included in breakfast. Breakfast can provide a whole day’s energy. Those who avoid breakfast are more likely to affect diabetes. Studies […]

Beetroot juice can do magic!!

1. Reduce blood pressure Beetroot juice reduces blood pressure within hours. The nitrates in the beetroot have been converted to nitric acid, which transfuses through the development of blood vessels. 2. Beetroot for stamina Are you a bodybuilder? Do not forget to drink beetroot juice. After drinking beetroot juice, they can work out more than […]

Beware of using hand washes

Reporting that the hand wash is often dangerous than dirt. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has brought out shocking information.Hand wash which is made from alcohols are highly fragmented and good durability thinking that it is safe. Even if we wash it out, some remains in our hand.Reports say that it leads […]

Benefits of Grapes

The study conducted by the University of California, found that grapes are capable of preventing memory loss. In some parts of the brain, metabolic activity decreases which leads to Alzheimer’s. It is found that the grapes are effective in improving the metabolism of the body. V The polyvinyl free placebo powder and grape powder in […]

How to prevent bad breath?

What is the biggest problem people have? The answer to most is bad breath. Those who cant talk confidently, because of bad breath, are among us. There are many reasons: pyorrhea, tooth decay, gum disease or mouth sores. There are many qualities for lemons that we use everyday. Vitamin C, minerals in the lemons, minerals, […]

Coconut water is good for health!

It is recommended to doctors that coconut water is rich in anti-oxidants and minerals which helps to get rid of many diseases. Consumption of coconut water helps to get rid of urinary problems and the formation of stones in your kidneys within 7 days. One of the benefits of coconut water is that they cleanses […]

Remedy for pimples

Beauty problems affect many. Pimple is one of these. Lemon is remedy used to remove pimples on face. Lemon juice is also an integral part of the beauty in healthcare. Add lemon and a little salt to get rid of affected spots on your skin. Cut a piece of lemon and sprinkle a pinch of […]