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A Story Of Housewife Short Film Create Sensation In YouTube

Every Once In A While In The Middle Of An Ordinary Life, Love Gives Us A FairyTalE..!! This Is The Story Of Two Souls and Their FairyTalE..!! I’m Overwhelmed To Share A Beloved Productions FairyTale Produced By M.R.T Srinivasan in TELUGU ( Dubbed Version ) via PLAYTM .We Thank Nandhakumar Srinivasan For Believing And Encouraging […]

Have mango and stay healthy

Mangoes have many benefits. The more we know about it, the more curious we become. The enzymes present in mangoes helps in digestion. These enzymes are also useful in breaking down the proteins. The fibers present in mangoes helps in reducing the excess caloric energy from our body, which in turn helps in reducing our […]

Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is an antioxidant and is made from the seed of cocoa tree and has 70 to 80% cocoa and it has several amazing health benefits. The benefits including eye health, oral health, cardiovascular health, improve blood circulation, and so on. This nutrients rich antioxidant dark chocolate offers powerful immune system and helps to […]

It is not good to eat the sprouting potato

Potatoes are often the most frequently grown in vegetables. Potato is one of the ingredients for making curry and beauty. By using potatoes, we can find solutions to many health and beauty issues. However, it is good to know the health problems that the potatoes are using. Because health risks often have a lot of […]

kerala Natural Health Tip….!!

Birthday parties, inaugurations, success parties, bethorals etc no matter what the occasion is people are very fond of decorating the space they gather in. Just a few years back, people were not interested in doing so, but today, things have changed a lot. A majority of the people who belong to the middle class and […]

Benefits of wheat

Instead of food in night the malayalees are now having a habit of chapati. The persons who are not changing from rice to wheat should know the important benefits of the wheat and it wheat will help to purify the blood. And hence decreases the diseases caused due to impure blood. For the persons who […]

Know the benefits of rock sugar

No one is there without liking rock sugar. This is having protein,amino acids and nutrients. The rock sugar will give good health benefits. The situations where the body cant act against is solved with the help of one piece rock sugar. The side effects are not there. So we can give to the children too. […]

Eating smashed garlic with salt is good for health

Garlic. The garlic is very helpful for the health. One piece of garlic is enough to solve some kind of health problems. The new changing lifestyles food habits will invite different kinds of diseases. So we have to practice proper food habits to solve this problem.The garlic can eat by rough,cooking and using in curry. […]

Coconut Milk for the hair growth

One of the main problem in today’s new lifestyle is hair fall and the changes in the hair texture. The good hair will give self confidence to people. For protecting hair no need of shamboo and lotions. The right way is important for it.The grandmothers had found the years ago. We have forgotten when the […]

Sweet Cumin for reducing stomach

The pot belly was a problem for old age in olden days. But today it is a problem of youth too. This problem is common for both the males and females.Don’t think the pot belly is only a beauty problem it is also a health problem. Because the fat deposition in stomach is more problematic […]