Another Epic One By Indian IIT H0t Girl Will Make You Fall In Love With Her Definitely

Watch The Video – Another Epic One By Indian IIT H0t Girl Will Make You Fall In Love With Her Definitely.Watch the terrific Ashmita Tomar, the understudy of Mata Sundri College amid her engaging execution at the Solo Dance Competition-Rendezvous 2016, the social celebration facilitated by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. ATKT.in is […]

Body Cleanse: 6 Ways to Do a Body Detox

1) Choose the Right Foods Outstanding amongst other things you can do to help your body’s detoxification procedure is to ease its burden and diminishing the poisons you put in your body in any case. Pick natural vegetables and organic products over junk food and other handled sustenances. 2) Exercise and Meditation Exercise and contemplation help […]

Alleppey Houseboats Kerala Backwaters

The houseboats in Kerala, south India, are huge, slow-moving, exotic barges used for leisure trips. They are a reworked model of Kettuvallams (in the Malayalam language, Kettu means “tied with ropes”, and vallam means “boat”), which, in earlier times, were used to carry rice and spices from Kuttanad to the Kochi port. Kerala houseboats were […]

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Bigg Boss Tamil contestant Oviya gets targeted by her housemates, supporters launch a ‘Save Oviya Movement’ on social media

Oviya (born Helen Nelson; 29 April 1991) is an Indian model and film actress who has worked predominantly in the Tamil film industry. She made her breakthrough as an actress in Sarkunam’s rural romantic comedy Kalavani (2010), before appearing in other critically acclaimed films including Pandiraj’s Marina (2012), Moodar Koodam (2013) and Madha Yaanai Koottam […]

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Buying a brand new car is no longer a dream for most – it is in fact a necessity! Some people may choose to buy a car after a promotion or a salary hike while others may opt to do so to provide more comfort to their families or to commute to and from office. […]

Stepping into the world of cinema: Rajisha Vijayan

Rajisha Vijayan is no stranger to camera. She held together one of the most popular Malayalam TV show and turned into a household name. But now she is moving ahead and stepping into the world of cinema. Her lively persona and expressive eyes will now be part of the character named Elizabeth in the movie […]
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