The benefits of drinking turmeric water in empty stomach

There are many benefits if we drink Luke turmeric water in empty stomach. If we practice good health habits can able prevent the diseases. No need to spend much money for that. All items are available in the kitchen itself. The turmeric is a health giving item in kitchen. We used to put in the […]

The medicinal value of Poison berry

The poison berry is helpful for the protection of health. In earlier we were used to see this in yard and in fields. But nowadays we couldn’t see this. So most of the people are not knowing about it. The poison berry can solve many health problems. And the people are unaware how yo use […]

Biting nails is not good

It is not a good habit to bite the nails. Some are used to bite the nails when they get emotional stress. But don’t forget that it will affect your health too. One person’s personality also is determined by this factor nail biting. Because of nail bite we can get many health problems. This one […]

A solo trip to Harihar Fort

After a wonderful trip to Kaza-Spiti Valley, I had just got down at the Kashmiri Bus Terminal at Delhi when I received a ‘nearby’ notification on fb, from my best friend Nizam. That gave me a plan for my next trip. He was coming back from a trip from Ladakh. So, we decided to leave […]

karnadaka special halva

Every one like halva very much. Halva will melt easily while placing it in the mouth and this are liked by most of them. Today we can discuss about the halva which are made in Karnadaka style. This Karnadaka special halva is made in most important festivals. Normally halva is made by using rice grains. […]

Aloe sauce to remove the black spot in the eye rings

Black in the eye rings is an important push for many. The main reason for filling in the muscles and cells around the eye is the lack of sleep. This is also the reason for the difficulties tension, depression and anxiety that comes to mind. There are some possible ways to relieve blackness in eye […]

Know about the toxicity present in the grains

Rice and wheat are the contents that included in our daily life. But now this contain high amount of adulterant. The malayalees who are approaching other countries for the food items are not aware about the toxicity present in this. But by some simple tricks we can identify the toxic substances present in the rice […]

Cause of cold spread

Common cold is the fastest growing infection commonly know by humans. The infections cause ed by the stomach are more common in children, and the infection may range from 8 to 12 times a day for children. Figures indicates that adults. May how two to eight times the disease. It is easy to grow in […]

Nice Pics


Buying a brand new car is no longer a dream for most – it is in fact a necessity! Some people may choose to buy a car after a promotion or a salary hike while others may opt to do so to provide more comfort to their families or to commute to and from office. […]

Stepping into the world of cinema: Rajisha Vijayan

Rajisha Vijayan is no stranger to camera. She held together one of the most popular Malayalam TV show and turned into a household name. But now she is moving ahead and stepping into the world of cinema. Her lively persona and expressive eyes will now be part of the character named Elizabeth in the movie […]